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We at Sustainable Organistry like to brag about our suppliers and their products, as we and this small community of nature lovers try to protect planet Earth together in our own small way. We are proud to say that we are all united by our common sustainable goals and missions which is - to save the planet, its flora, and fauna, try to reduce greenhouse gases, and at the same time give our future generation a guilt-free, clean, unpolluted and beautiful place to live in.

Benefits of sustainable/eco-friendly bags

  • Non-Plastic

The main reason for buying sustainable bags is to replace them with the rogue material ‘plastic’. The eco-friendly bags are not harmful to the environment or any other living thing on earth. About 500 billion plastic bags are used and discarded every year in the world. Innocent animals are victims to these bags which are ingested by these animals mistaking them for food. Since all plastic bags don’t go to landfills or cannot be recycled they are broken into microparticles that are released in the air posing a threat to all. This means even you and I could be breathing these toxic particles. Plastic bags stretch and tear easily, if it unknowingly reaches a baby’s hand or your innocent puppy or kitten at home, can you imagine what could happen. By using eco-friendly bags you reduce plastic waste, and these bags are tough, durable, and long-lasting, less fossil fuel is being used, most important saving the water, air, soil, and all living things.

  • Recycled bags

Apart from this, another costly reason is recycling these bags. It costs a lot more to recycle or dispose of it than manufacture it, which is very very cheap. Just how do you think this works, well in some countries it is the taxpayer's money. Don’t you think your tax money could be used for better and more useful things? Gallons of oil are required to produce these plastic bags, why spend on something that is dangerous when you can spend a bit more and have a safer option. Each time one goes shopping, imagine buying 3-4 bags for your daily essentials and of course, you are paying for it, instead, if you buy eco-friendly bags you will be saving all that money to buy better and safer products.

  • Fewer eyes on you

Another thing I see is noise pollution, can you fold or keep a plastic bag quietly without someone noticing it. Not possible, everybody around you will get to know you have a plastic bag.

All these are too dangerous, so better you get yourself a sustainable and eco-friendly bag to avoid all such untoward incidents and support this cause. The eco-friendly bags are biodegradable, not toxic, come from nature and go back to nature. Simple, no disturbance to the environment. Even one person shifting to sustainable bags makes a lot of difference and you know that you are supporting and protecting the environment, you are a responsible person and can be guilt-free with this one act.

Below we are bringing one such sustainable warrior’s company and products: KRITENYA

About our Sustainable Warrior - KRITENYA

One of our Sustainable warrior companies is ‘KRITENYA ‘ a couple’s dream project. Fondly founded and started by the husband-wife team Manjuri Hazarika and Anil Singh, who from being childhood friends became life partners and went on to become company partners as well. The company was founded in Delhi in 2012 and became fully operational and functional in 2014. They started their collection with the weaves of Assam.

Both Manjuri and Anil are supporters of sustainable and slow fashion. They have a fancy for handmade handloom products and hence the outcome is this wonderful initiative going by the name ‘KRITENYA ‘. Normally when one hears and thinks of handloom, the first thing that comes to mind is garments. Handloom does not mean only textiles and garments which this couple has proved. The duo wanted to do something different and came up with one very useful and much-needed product for all bags. The bags are sustainable and eco-friendly and do not harm the environment in any way. KRITENYA has a wide range of Linen cotton totes, linen cotton handbags, linen cotton hobo bags, linen cotton Hemp bags, linen cotton slings, laptop bags and sleeves, grass bags, upcycled products such as coin pouches, key rings, charms, and hair accessories. The brand has 2 main types of products:- one made of natural fabrics such as cotton, Lenin, grass, and Hemp and the other is upcycled products. The eco-friendly bag designs are not the very traditional type and are made keeping the modern trends in mind, thus making them very usable by all. This collection makes it a highly sort after the product as it goes well with any kind of clothing and color. The feel of the bags too sets it apart and not to mention the earthy natural dyes and colors.

The upcycled products are those which are sort after by many due to their non-waste reasons. The bags are made of very small pieces of waste cloth taking utmost care to stitch them and sew them into colorful pieces of usable products. Since all these fabrics are handmade and made with so much effort and from natural sources they value every inch of the fabric, taking care not to waste them. Very small pieces are cleverly made into smaller useful products such as coin pouches, charms, and more.

KRITENYA’s collections of hand-woven cotton bags are traditionally made by women weavers of North East India, mainly Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Varanasi, and Bhagalpur. The vibrant colors, designs, and patterns are very attractive matching every outfit one wears due to many mixed color combinations. The Grass bags are made of natural fibers and fabrics, with grass reeds sourced just for this. These bags are directly made by skilled artisans of Assam & Manipur. The linen-cotton fabric is supplied by a freelance weaver in Bihar through a collaboration between KRITENYA and him. The bags are also hand embroidery and block printed, all handmade by women. All stages are carefully monitored by KRITENYA to follow due sustainable diligence.

KRITENYA avoids factory manufacturing and encourages more handwork in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This also gives the locals especially women weavers and their communities jobs thus helping them make a sustainable living. The environment the workers work in is very homely and safe, following fair trade practices. KRITENYA sees to it that they do not add or make very minimal changes to the products in order to maintain the natural and original. In most cases, the minimal changes are done only when required just to enhance the look depending on the current trends. Many companies that are going sustainable have their own different goals, with each playing its own role and sustainable missions, just to mention a few, such as protecting the environment, preserving the tradition and culture, women empowerment, and more without hurting the planet in the long run. With KRITENYA it is to produce eco-friendly products and also to help the women weavers in North East India. The women weavers can make a living by showcasing their region's weaves and patterns on these bags. One look at these products and I’m sure you will agree with me that it is modern with a touch of traditionality, thus making it very fashionable. The products are unisex and can be used by any age group. My personal favorite ones are the ones that look like faded denim (though not denim). You should definitely have a look at these products on our website, we are sure you will find one to your liking and will also make a nice gift to your loved ones. These products make wonderful corporate gifts and souvenirs too which can also be customized.

Kritenya's Top 5 Tote Bags:

1) Linen Cotton Tote Bag in Blue

A big tote bag with purely hand-embroidered details. This unisex bag is naturally colored with no health hazards and minimal or no environmental damage. Made from linen x cotton this bag looks like it's made from denim.

2) Linen Cotton Tote Bag in Midnight Blue

This bag is also made from linen cotton and dyed for the front and handle. The bag has a big pocket outside with fringed detail. It has an inner partition made in good quality poly foam, to make it safe to carry a laptop.

3) Long Tote Bag in Linen Cotton

A tote bag with pure hand-embroidered details. We have used fringed lace and plain lace to match the fabric used. It has a magnetic button closure. Inside we have put two big pockets and a hook attached to organize your home keys or car keys or a small pouch.

4) Tote Bag In Linen Cotton With Hand Work

Another Linen x Cotton Tote bag that keeps you in style. This bag beautifully decorated with shell buttons and naturally dyed will go well with all your clothes.

5) Big Tote Bag In Linen Cotton With Handcrafted Details

A bag with hand-embroidered details and a lace to match the details. A tassel is added in a contrasting color which is handcrafted using a fabric and MOP buttons. The handle is in cross-color cotton braided. Inside we have put two big pockets with It has a zip closure.

It is nice to see that the present generation knows and understands the importance of going sustainable and that is why we have new customers every day wanting more of such sustainable products. For those of you’ll reading this blog one thing is certain you are a person who buys sustainable eco-friendly products or has decided to go sustainable with the good intention of protecting the planet. I must add here that you are doing much more, you are supporting the tradition, the culture, the local skilled craftsmen, the women weavers and most important of all you have joined as one of the members in the sustainable club. We are happy to have one more person to help protect the world. Thanks!!! We would request you to advise your friends and family members to go sustainable or educate others on the importance of going sustainable and its benefits to the world and us.

We at ‘SO’ encourage every youngster, eco-friendly warrior, and supporter to buy such fashionable eco-friendly products that are guilt-free and safe for all.

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