Why Purchase Eco-friendly Products Still in 2022?

Updated: Apr 14

There are many reasons why people might consider purchasing eco-friendly products. Some people may want to reduce their environmental footprint, while others may simply be looking for sustainable and more ethical alternatives. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that eco-friendly products are becoming increasingly popular. However, some people may still wonder whether or not purchasing these products is worth it in 2022. Here are four reasons why buying eco-friendly products is still a good idea in 2022.

1. To Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

One of the most common reasons why people purchase eco-friendly products is to reduce their environmental footprint. It is no secret that the planet is facing a number of environmental issues, including climate change, pollution, and deforestation. Every little bit helps when it comes to mitigating these problems.

2.Improves Health

eco-friendly products are not only good for the environment but also improve your health. The harmful chemicals in conventional products can cause a variety of health problems, from skin irritation to cancer. eco-friendly products are made with natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and won't cause health problems. In addition, eco-friendly products are often more effective than conventional products, so you'll get better results without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. eco-friendly products are a win-win for your health and the environment, so make the switch today!

3.Empowering Local Artisans

Nowadays, eco-friendly products are all the rage. Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact their purchases have on the environment, and they are increasingly looking for sustainable options. One way to find sustainable products is to support local artisans who make eco-friendly products. By buying from local artisans, you can be sure that you are getting a product that is eco-friendly and made with sustainable materials. In addition, supporting local artisans helps to boost the local economy and create jobs in the community. When you buy from local artisans, you are not only getting a beautiful and eco-friendly product, but you are also helping to empower your community.

4.Ecosystem Clean

Nowadays, people are more eco-conscious than ever before. From reusable shopping bags to composting food waste, there are many ways to reduce your impact on the environment. When it comes to cleaning your home, however, it can be difficult to know which products are eco-friendly. Luckily, there are a growing number of eco-friendly cleaning products on the market. These products are made from sustainable materials and are designed to be gentle on the environment.

In addition, eco-friendly cleaning products often have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional cleaning products. As a result, they can help you to reduce your impact on the planet while still keeping your home clean and tidy.

5 Eco Friendly Products That Are Sustainable and Green!

1.Bamboo Fabric Men's Round neck T-shirt

No more foul smell, fabric irritations and sweat stains! Yes, our unique Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral Bamboo fabric T-shirt fights with all kind of microbes and viruses. No bacteria means no sweaty smell and no skin infections. This innovative fabric gives more than 95% protection from bacteria and shields almost 60% from virus like #Covid_19 & #SARS.

Round neck, regular fit, half sleeves T-shirt with airy & soft Bamboo, Spandex knit. This on-the-go Bamboo T-shirt is a true classic piece for an instant casual look. This comfortable Tee has naturally breathable fabric that keeps you dry & cool at the same time. Multi-function knit is designed for one's daily life activities. A clean & sporty look provides elegance with all the comfort of bio-fit apparel. Bamboo fiber gives you a luxurious feel with UV Rays protection. Ultra-soft Bamboo Fabric T-Shirt to give you the utmost comfort, hygiene and protection from microbes. This eco-friendly product would have an extraordinary impact on your body & environment.

COMPOSITION- 95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex

Bamboo Fabric Girl's Frill Top Anti-bacterial Light Pink

Worried.. about infections and irritations for your kid? Don't settle for the unnatural and unhygienic materials. The brightly colored protective Bamboo clothing is the solution to keep your little one safe.

This unique Bamboo fabric is Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral (Lab tested claim. Check the lab test reports on NEWS page), which provides protection from most of the microbes and even the virus like SARS & Covid_19. This keeps your children at the bay from infections. Bamboo fabric is very kind to delicate/sensitive skin of your child, also it is way softer than Cotton. This special blend of Bamboo and Spandex creates an ultra smooth knit which provides utmost comfort. In comparison to Cotton, Bamboo absorbs more moisture, keeps the body dry and maintains the perfect body temperature. Bamboo fabric is most breathable, keeps the skin free from rashes, itching and irritations.

Pick this classic yet trendy ruffle top for your kid and use it for all day long comfort. You can also pair it with Denim, skirt or any printed bottom for a instant casual look.

COMPOSITION- 95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex

3.Women's Bamboo Fabric | Anti-bacterial | Polo T-Shirt

Straight cut, Half sleeves Women's Polo Shirt with fine Organic Bamboo Pique knit fabric. This soft & luxurious fabric is antibacterial which keeps you dry & cool. Multi-function fabric is designed for your activewear needs. Elegant colors & neat cuts provide you athletic look with all the comfort of bio-fit apparel. This ecofriendly product helps you in all kind of body movement and fulfil the needs of an active lifestyle. Composition- 100% Bamboo

4.Plantable Pen

Let’s write a sustainable and safe future of our planet with this set of 10mightier plantable pens. Made with 100 % recycled paper, its eco-friendly design combines high performance with low (75% lesser) plastic! Every pen contains seed of change, allowing you to take up the noble act of growing and caring of a plant. Also every pen has a fine tip assuring your elegant writing.

5.Fewtre Calling Series Marble Notepad

Fewtre Calling Series Marble Notepad- A sustainable future is calling for your help. Are you willing?

This exclusive series of FEWTURE CALLING MARBLE NOTEPADS, dedicated to endangered life forms, contains 3 distinctive handmade marble printed notepads representing – Ocean, Forest & Glaciers with the endangered species along with an eco pen and contained in a natural cotton jute pouch. Future is yours. Come forward to save it.

Greetings! I’m the Fewture kit.

I contain three notepads designed to pay an ode to beautiful, but endangered, species like the elephant, polar bear and turtle.

My specialties are:

1) Uniquely Designed Notepads: My notepad covers depict an endangered animal made with handmade line art, set against a painted background denoting its rapidly disappearing habitat. The printing process makes every painted design different, ensuring that every notepad you hold in your hands is unique.

2) High Quality Paper: Each notepad contains 60 pages made of a special recycled paper called ‘lucky paper’. The paper’s quality finish ensures your writing experience is extremely smooth.

3) Durable Packaging: The kit comes in a durable canvas bag together with an extra pocket containing a 95% reduced plastic, fine-tipped pen.

4) Easy to write: I am easy to write on, as I am bagged by a hard cover. I am easy to be carried by you adn make notes whenever required. Reduce load in your brain and use me.

5) Adorable: My cover will definitely appeal you and people around you. It gives you real touch of a marble.

We need to embrace the power of youth to save our wildlife.

Earth has lost 50% of its wilshire in the past 40 year

Earth has 100,000 elephants remaining population decline 60% in last 12 years

10,000 Remaining leathers back turtle, population decline 95% in last 20 years.

Polar bear populations worldwide will decline by more than 70% percent in the next 45 years.

I am all set to jot down your notes. So, when are you inviting me!

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